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2015 Medique Leadership Award Minimize


 2015 Medique Leadership Grant
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Medique Pharmaceuticals is an avid sponsor of occupational health and this award highlights their commitment to the recognition of occupational health nurse leaders.  Each year since 1991, the Medique Unique Leadership Award has recognized occupational health nurses who, as determined by his/her peers, have exhibited the highest qualities of leadership and participation in their State Association of Occupational Health Nurses and in other professional activities.

In 2015, this award is presented at the AAOHN Conference in Boston where we will celebrate our 100th Anniversary as a chapter.   The award recipient will receive a $300.00 award and a commemorative plaque.

2014 Medique Award Recipients


Verona, NY (October, 2014) — The Northeast Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2014 award winners:


Pictured are winners who attended the NEAOHN Conference

Connecticut – Mary Jane Yacovone, MS, BSN, COHN-S
Delaware -  Maura Cullington, BSN, CCRN, CCM
Maine- Patricia Paquin, RN, COHN/CM
Massachusetts-  Fran Gerroir, BSN, RN
New Hampshire -  Lauren J Hunter, BSN, RN
New Jersey - Kathryn Vaccaro, MA, MSN, APN-BC, COHN-S/CM
New York - Kathy McEntire, RN, CCM
Pennsylvania - Nancy VanBlargan, MA, BSN, RN, COHN-S
Vermont – Marcia T. Podolec, BS, RN, CIC



Kathleen Schusler Memorial Scholarship 2015 Minimize

Academic Study and ABOHN Certification

2015 Application Available  

Past President of the Northeast Association of Occupational Health Nurses and the New Hampshire Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Kathleen Schusler was the 1997 recipient of the Medique National Leadership Award from the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses.  Through her leadership and example, she encouraged us all to be the best nurses we could be.  Her inspiration to her colleagues and her dedication to occupational health lives on in this scholarship.  Mentor, author, friend, colleague, we will always remember Kathy's passion for life, positive energy and caring ways.


One $1000.00 scholarship to provide opportunities to further professional education or certification for occupational and environmental health professionals (bachelor or graduate degree or OHN certification). *

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's Degree Graduate Degree OHN Certification

The candidate must be a NEAOHN member and registered nurse enrolled full or part time in a nationally accredited school of nursing baccalaureate program and demonstrate an interest in, and commitment to, occupational and environmental health.  Applicants must submit enrollment status.

The candidate must be a NEAOHN member and registered nurse enrolled full or part tiem in a graduate program that has application to occupational and environmental health and demonstrate an interest, and commitment to, occupational and environmental health. Applicants must submit documentation of enrollment status. The candidate must be a NEAOHN member and registered nurse preparing for an ABOHN certification.  Applicants must submit documentation of registration status.


2013 Kathleen Schusler Award Recipient

Jennifer Stanton, RN, BS, CCM is the 2013 Recipient of the Kathleen Schusler Memorial Scholarship

Jennifer began her career at the Occupational Health Center of Waltham, MA as a bachelors prepared exercise physiologist and insurance coordinator.  She went on to earn her bachelors degree in nursing from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, graduating Magna Cum Laude and becoming a member of the Eta Omega Nursing Honor Society.  Jennifer is currently pursuing her master degree at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in the Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Master's Degree Program.

Congratulatons Jennifer!

2015 NEAOHN Grants Minimize

NEAOHN Grant Application Information

2015 Application Now Available!

Take advantage of this opportunity and apply for one of the NEAOHN conference grants which supports NEAOHN members in their pursuit of professional growth and education.

  • Four $500.00 grants are offered each year to help defray the cost of the NEAOHN Annual Conference. For 2015, this grant will be used to attend the 2015 AAOHN Conference as we will be celebrating our 100th Year Anniversary as a regional chapter.
  • Application and supporting material must be postmarked no later than January 15, 2015 
  • Award certificates are presented at the  2015 AAOHN annual conference in Boston, MA.
2014 Grant Recipient

Congratulations to Nancy Clover, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN as the 2014 NEAOHN Grant Recipient

Nancy Clover, Massachusetts


Nancy developed a unique approach to introducing safety and OHN to teens with her presentation, "If There was an Occupational Nurse at the North Pole".  As teens enter the work force it is important that they identify hazardous situations and feel empowered to take corrective action. She described the role teens can play in identifying job hazards and ways to improve safety.  There is also a need to attract new people into the field of occupational health.  One way to do his is to educate high school students on the role of the OHN in the workplace.



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