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NEAOHN Mission Statement

The mission of the Northeast Association of Occupational Health Nurses (NEAOHN) is to promote the profession of occupational health nursing by serving as a resource to our member states by:  

Support the goals of AAOHN without duplication of services

  • Improving and communicating information to our membership
  • Assisting member states with membership issues and retention
  • Creating leadership Opportunities
  • Provide networking, mentoring and educational opportunities
  • Influencing legislation and regulatory issues that impact health and safety

The purposes of NEAOHN are to:

  1. Constitute the professional association of registered nurses engaged in the practice of occupational health nursing.
  2. Promote and provide continuing education in occupational health nursing for members.
  3. Maintain the integrity and character of the nursing profession.
  4. Improve community health by providing quality nursing service to workers.
  5. Promote standards for occupational health nurses and occupational health nursing services.
  6. Advance the profession through discussion of issues in the field of occupational health.
  7. Promote health and safety of workers and support occupational health nursing practice through monitoring and influencing legislation and regulation.
  8. Stimulate occupational health nurse participation and all nursing activities: local, state, regional and national.
  9. To do, within the limits of the law, all things necessary, proper, incidental, suitable, useful and conducive to complete accomplishment of the forgoing purposes. 

NEAOHN By-Laws - Revised 091114

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